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Fixed formatting a bit since it was unreadable.

Errors regarding "failed to synchronize cache for repo" as I can see are caused by third party repositories that aren't updated or are not reachable for some other reason. Repositories being:

  • insync repository (likely google drive sync client or something like that)
  • threeed-variety
  • postinstallerf (easy post-install fedora configuration?)

In order to resolve those issues it is best to disable those repositories.

As for VLC, it is complaining that it requires updated library but one isn't available. Find exact package name:

[ivan@kirk ~]$ rpm -q vlc

Then remove it:

sudo dnf remove vlc-3.0.0-0.37.git20171009.fc26.x86_64

Note that your version may be different, so adjust commands to your needs.

After that's finished and you finish the upgrade, I would recommend going with the rpmfusion repository route and installing VLC from there. Those are pretty much always up-to-date.