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To answer your actual question, regarding the Labs: The labs software bundles are not, AFAIK, installable into an existing Fedora installation. The component software that makes up a Lab is all installalble via the package manager, but the bundles are distributed only as install images. The (outdated) documentation that you failed to reach wouldn't have answered your question anyway, as it would've only referenced downloading and installing Fedora itself. That's because that page was created as a copy of the Fedora Spins page (since Labs grew out of Spins), and Spins were likewise distributed only as install images.

All of this is not, IMHO, made sufficiently clear on the current Labs page, which says confusing things like

You can download these tools as complete Fedora image, or you can install them using a software manager on an existing Fedora installation.

when it should say something more like,

You can download these tools as complete Fedora image. All of the Labs applications are also available for installation on an existing Fedora installation using the Software tool.

So, long and short, if you have an existing Fedora installation and want to try out the components of some of the Labs, you can use the Labs site to browse the list of what applications make up each lab, and install any that interest you (individually) using Software or commandline dnf. There is nothing in Labs bundles that isn't available to every Fedora installation via the package manager, they're merely collections of packages that come preinstalled in the live image.