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How am I supposed to respond? Did you check out your references?

  1. That page contains no extensive database or knowledge base of Fedora other than release notes which I already read. Don't users ever ask for information for documentation. If you are not sure of what I mean...check out Debian or Ubuntu. That is called...documentation.

  2. Old docs...really? I need support docs for recent version of Fedora.

  3. I wrote I downloaded Fedora 26 WORKSTATION...not Red Hat Server.

  4. It is not the speed of download transmission that is the problem...I am asking for the Astronomy and Python packages without re_downloading the entire Fedora 26 Distro...just the packages. It says...if you read...I can just download and install them...but the How To ends in a 404 error.

So I have to submit a bugzilla report to tell Red Hat to check out it's own discover it hasn't done it's job? Doesn't Fedora care what it has to offer? I am left with a deeply disconcerted impression of lack of competence!!! Obviously things are changing...I can't believe Fedora has fallen from 3rd place in 2006 compared to today as 7th place on Distro Watch. I see why. Why doesn't Red Hat just dispense with Fedora and sell server software? As a metaphoric example...this is like creating a spaceship to go to Mars without having first built a rocket to get it into space.

I will look at the live distro...but I seriously doubt I will do a permanent install or recommend Fedora to anyone.