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Ok, this looks like a bug.

So what you can do is:

  1. remove the installed ttyrec.
  2. wget and install the src rpm from
  3. go to the its source directory and untar it.

    tar -zxvf ttyrec-1.0.8.tar.gz

  4. patch the source with the included "ttyrec-Makefile.patch", then it works for UNIX98 pty standard.

    ttyrec-1.0.8]# patch -p1 < ../ttyrec-Makefile.patch1.2.3.3

  5. Make sure you have "libbsd-devel" installed, else

    yum install libbsd-devel

  6. make the source

    ttyrec-1.0.8]# make

  7. copy the binaries to /usr/bin

    ttyrec-1.0.8]# cp ttyrec ttytime ttyrecord /usr/bin/

  8. Execute "ttyrec"