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I answer my own question. First of all thanks @cmurf but it did not work. I did not have Windows booting back after I followed your instructions. I found a much easier, though brutal way:

  1. Download a windows 10 installation media from here

    1. Boot by the installation media

    2. Choose language and when it says Install now, on the lower left is an option Repair your computer, pick that. Pick the Troubleshoot

    3. Pick the option to repair the booting problems

Now the laptop booted with the old Windows but Fedora desappeared. You can still boot in Fedora by choosing it in the boot menu of your laptop or restore the grub booter. To did the latter I used a rather brutal solution: I reinstalled Fedora from scratch (no harm for me since I have /home and /usr/local on different partition and there I have all my valuable data)

Hope it helps