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I am having this problem as well; wifi was working when I installed fedora 25 live, but when I updated to kernel 4.11.6-201, it stopped working. My system is an MSI C236A with an MSI Motherboard "Gift" Wi Fi Bluetooth PCI E Adapter Intel 8265NGW. I'm not the original poster, but my problem appears to be the iwlwifi card being unable to load firmware... dmesg shows

Direct firmware load for iwlwifi-8265-xx.ucode failed with error -2

where the message repeats for several different integers xx. Curiously, modinfo on iwlwifi indicates that it expects version 28 of the firmware but I've been unable to find it anywhere (it's not part of the firmware RPM and the source trees jump from 27 to 31 with nothing in between). I tried adding the 31 version to /usr/lib/firmware and setting the selinux context to match but it refuses to load it. I have not had a chance to try downgrading the kernel packages yet.