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You know what I'm saying? Right?

I Can attempt to use hieroglyphics if that helps you try to "get" the essence of what you need to figure it out. Alas! the features I need to properly explain this are missing from my current capabilities (on this site).

OR - I can respond plainly:

1.) Let's explore the definition of Karma (I'm told that any attempt to explain what Karma is or isn't is fools errand)... So - here goes (hitting the "I feel lucky" google button to the definition): Ah HA! I new it was here!:

"The sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences." (According to Hindus and Buddhists)

Which the "Karma" "indicator" certainly doesn't measure (You, uh, have a bit more work to do gals & fellas). Should I file that as a bug or what?

  1. I appreciate the help on getting terms and examples of the rating system committed to memory. That instruction was truly useful - Wow it's kinda like you need to put that in a useful place on a web page. But anyway - May you have much karma - so much that you have to carry it around 18 wheeler!

  2. You said: "karma" isn't important in any meaningful sense. Don't worry - I'm sure the HR folks will just "let you go on your own recognisances"... Karma is definitely meaningful to Hindus and Buddhists (so meaningful the entire population of them has presence on googgle! Or, at lease a definition which indicates that they created the definition by asking THEM what Karma is.... ANYWAY.....

4.) Is the dust still falling off the that old community moderation tool? Honey - I think we may need order one on Amazon. Let's get one with the moderators being interested in intelligence mining - oh - and I almost forgot the we can get the community moderation tool changed to be a community moderator evaluation (you'll just need to have one more for the complete set).

5.) It isn't that I may not like everything so far... The place is growing on me! Don't give up!