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2014-04-04 17:41:10 -0600 commented question Trying to install virtualbox or vmware - Fedora 20

I did the full procedure listed the question "How to install Oracle VM VirtualBox in Fedora 20" and it worked for me.I was trying to get the VBOXADDITIONS from the file cabinet to load. I had same issue with Kernel Headers when vbox additions was auto-run from top right button in file cabinet. I had to mount this windows file "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso" as a CD in virtual box storage settings at first to get it to display in the file cabinet. Initially the "Fedora-Live-Desktop-i686-20-1.iso" file was still listed as the CD in storage settings after I had installed the Fedora-Live...iso to the VBOX disk --- so I removed that Fedora-Live...iso file in settings because everytime I booted it still asked me to make the installation choice of LIVE vs Hard disk.