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2014-09-13 09:07:47 -0600 asked a question Cannot access random part of youtube video in firefox

My computer is running on fedora 19 with gnash install (installing adobe flash is not an option for me since it's proprietary.), as well as Firefox.

Actually I can watch many YouTube videos using HTML5.

My problem is that I have to watch the video from beginning to end without the possibility of going backwards. If I try to go a few seconds backward the video freezes with the usual YouTube hourglass. I can pause the video without any problems though.

Then no video is able to work. I have to restart Firefox by deleting the lock and .parentlock files. Only then can I get video functionality.

Do you have any solution to this problem?

2014-07-07 17:49:19 -0600 answered a question How to install wifi driver

Following the instruction of fedora doc solved my slow and irregular connection problem.

Here is the doc.

The doc mention to Deselect the Controlled by NetworkManager I'm on fedora 19 instead of doing that i just reset the connection with the following
Network setting --> parameters of the desired network connection --> reset --> forget

2014-05-04 07:04:34 -0600 commented question How to install bibtools on fedora

It can be found by the above method as well.

2014-05-03 12:11:07 -0600 answered a question How to install bibtools on fedora
2014-05-03 02:18:00 -0600 asked a question How to install bibtools on fedora

I'm trying to install Bibtools on Fedora but I haven't made it so far.

What I have done till now

  • I unzip the file
  • In the directory I typed

    perl configure

  • Then typed


Could you point out some solutions?