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2017-01-29 21:58:29 -0600 commented answer Broken Dependecies

This worked for me as well running Fedora 25 on 64-bit architecture.

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2016-09-18 16:41:45 -0600 commented answer What is the difference between the 60 Hz and 60 Hz (NTSC) in the "Displays" section of "All Settings"?

That clears it up WoodenBoatSailor! Thank you for that.

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2016-09-13 21:40:35 -0600 asked a question What is the difference between the 60 Hz and 60 Hz (NTSC) in the "Displays" section of "All Settings"?

My question speaks for itself really but in case anyone that may be reading this is unclear as to what I am asking I will clarify a little bit. When you navigate to the setting window there is an icon under hardware that says Displays. When I click on it I can see various options for my native display. In the drop-down menu for the refresh rate of my monitor there are these options:

60 Hz / 60 Hz (NTSC) / 50 Hz / 50 Hz

What is the difference between 60 Hz and 60 Hz (NTSC)? Thank you to anyone who might help me understand this.

2015-10-18 00:26:47 -0600 commented answer Problem compiling the driver for Atheros Ar8161

Hey Mike, if you're still using Fedora at this point, what kernel are you using?

2015-10-17 02:12:45 -0600 commented question What will happen, if on fedora 22 install kernel 3.x?

What will happen with regards to what in particular? You've got to get specific with these people if you want an answer. Good luck!

2015-10-16 02:08:56 -0600 asked a question Setting default governor with intel_pstate in Fedora 22

Hello, I've "Googled" everywhere and I can't find a way to get this done. All I want to do is set my default governor to the performance setting rather than the powersave setting that it keeps defaulting to after reboots no matter how many times I run the command sudo cpupower frequency-set -g performance. Does anyone out there know how to set the default governor of the intel_pstate driver? Thanks for your time.

2015-10-15 02:18:30 -0600 commented answer Fedora 22 clean install - wired connection fails

I have the same issue as you were having. The wired connection works fine, in recovery mode, on a single-boot system running a clean install of Fedora 22 but as soon as I boot the other kernel the ethernet connection says it's connected but I have no internet. Wireless works though.

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2014-04-12 13:53:02 -0600 marked best answer How do I disable specific updates?

I want to disable updates to the gnome-shell-extension-weather. When it updates to the newest version, through yum, I am unable to enter the city I live in. I can enter other cities but not the one that I live in. Apparently it's not in the predefined list/database that pops up when you start typing to enter your city. Is there a safe/noninvasive way to disable this update specifically from running when I execute: sudo yum update? Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from anyone about this.

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2014-01-22 22:20:04 -0600 commented question Update BIOS in Fedora 20

I'll look into it. Thank you.

2014-01-22 22:18:17 -0600 commented answer Update BIOS in Fedora 20

I tried this method and was very unclear as to just what in the hell was going on so I figured I would back out and not try the method because I wasn't 100% sure of myself. Better safe than sorry I thought. I would like to give the method another shot in the future though because I'm positive that it was just my lack of experience that was holding me back on this one. I hate to admit it but I actually just re-installed windows for about 20 minutes and did the update to the BIOS from there since it's basically retard-proof at least in terms of updating the BIOS. Thank you for your time sir.

2014-01-22 22:13:29 -0600 commented answer Update BIOS in Fedora 20

I haven't. I'll give it a shot though. Thank you Florian.

2014-01-22 22:11:30 -0600 commented answer How to get .mp3 decoder plugin for K3B on Fedora 19?

No problem at all. Glad I could help.

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2014-01-21 02:51:26 -0600 commented question Update BIOS in Fedora 20

I'm using a Dell Inspiron One 2330 UEFI boot mode enabled and 64-bit architecture. BIOS version = A13 Thank you both for your input. After doing some research I've decided not to try and update my BIOS. There is a more recent version available from the dell drivers and downloads page which is version A14. However, most of the sources I've read on the web are very vague about how to go about doing this in any type of Linux environment. The initial reason that I wanted to try and update the BIOS was/still is a noisy fan that seems to be always running even when the CPU temp is relatively low. It's just always running and it's kind of a high-pitch whine like the ones usually exhibited by children. It's slowly driving me insane.

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2014-01-20 19:16:00 -0600 asked a question Update BIOS in Fedora 20


Does anyone in here know how to update the BIOS from Fedora 20? As I'm not sure what information to provide, because I'm completely clueless when it comes to this subject, so please just ask me for whatever information you need short of my bank account numbers and I'll be more than happy to accommodate you. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

2014-01-19 17:11:24 -0600 commented answer How to get .mp3 decoder plugin for K3B on Fedora 19?

Did you reboot? That is very strange indeed. I'm running Fedora 19 with 64-bit architecture as well and I had k3b open with the message displaying while I ran this command from a terminal and after it completed I closed k3b; did a restart; re-opened k3b and no error message popped up about missing anything. The other libs may not be installed already but you can try removing libmad and k3b-extras-freeworld this way: Type: sudo yum remove k3b-extras-freeworld then EXACTLY what command did you use to install libmad? I didn't install libmad at all when I ran sudo yum install k3b-extras-freeworld.

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2014-01-19 14:15:30 -0600 answered a question How to get .mp3 decoder plugin for K3B on Fedora 19?

I just did this yesterday and here's how you do it:

  1. Open a terminal

  2. Type: sudo yum install k3b-extras-freeworld

  3. That's it. Open up k3b after running this command and you will see that the error message about the missing codecs/libs has disappeared.

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2014-01-15 18:18:30 -0600 answered a question Fedora 20: How to resolve dependency resolution errors with `librtmp`?

I had the same problem yesterday (1-14-2014). Today when I got home from work I ran sudo yum update and everything was straightened out.