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2011-11-24 15:41:24 -0600 commented answer Cannot install Fedora 16 on my pc

BUT I'm still having issues installing the nvidia drivers as Gnome3 won't work without them :-( I'm following the explicit instructions of leigh123linux but so far no go. Just maybe it's something in my home directory which is on an existing extra disk that I also use with Ubuntu. I'll keep trying

2011-11-24 15:38:03 -0600 commented answer Cannot install Fedora 16 on my pc

To keep this info up to date I provide the following info. None of the above suggestions worked for me but after a LOT of web searching, eventually in Ubuntu forums (as usual it seems) I found reference to adding the command line boot option of 'nomodeset' - hooray!

2011-11-22 06:24:55 -0600 commented answer Cannot install Fedora 16 on my pc

I'm a noob perhaps, but when I get the option to install, I hit tab to select the boot parameters. I've tried individually adding xdriver=vesa, xdriver=nv and also xdriver=nvidia; there is no basic video option. None work and I have the same out of range message. To try resolution=1680x1050 option.

2011-11-21 03:17:20 -0600 answered a question Cannot install Fedora 16 on my pc

I too can't install; I get a monitor message on my Viewsonic advising me that it is out of range (I think that was it). I'm not a IT wizard so fail to understand how I can initially see the very first option to install Fedora, then when it begins I get a grey screen then a black screen with the monitor message. I've waited 15 minutes and it doesn't progress - to suggest I wait 30 minutes seems crazy - imagine asking all that use Windows to wait that long! The answers above, whilst maybe helpful, fail to help a novice install Fedora. Ubuntu installed easily and without fuss. Fedora 15 was a pain for me and kept defaulting back to Gnome 2, yet Ubuntu works flawlessly using Gnome 3 & 3.2. I can't even begin my install - Fedora should have at least this part working well. Even tho I persist with Fedora, it is really beginning to bug me that it doesn't work 'out of the box' whereas Ubuntu does. I would really like to support the true open & free system, but can't.

So now that I've had my gripe (and yes maybe in the wrong thread and not helpful to IT gurus, but maybe others will be able to read this and see it's not only them), I'll try the vesa option although that most likely will later cause Gnome 3.2 to fail and default back to boring. So the Ubuntu user group continues to grow :-(