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2018-07-27 15:34:16 -0600 commented question Installed fedora on ideapad 100s, now I cannot boot from usb stick

Why did you turn off secure boot?

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2018-07-27 15:01:04 -0600 answered a question Install Windows alongside fedora

Are you sure the installation media is setup for UEFI? Check if there is an EFI directory at the root of it. Make sure

2018-07-27 14:58:08 -0600 commented answer How to restore Windows 10 boot entry after installing Fedora 24

@zml, you make it from within Windows. If your system isn't working, you can make it on a different computer. You migh

2018-05-17 16:36:53 -0600 commented question After update I no longer able to connect to my WiFi

If there was a kernel update, try choosing an earlier one from the boot list. What is the output of dnf history info?

2018-05-17 16:35:12 -0600 commented question Fedora 28 Gnome UI not responding after unpluged HDD

How was it connected? Did you unmount it before disconnecting?

2018-05-17 15:56:34 -0600 commented question A custom kernel for a system with LUKS

From the boot menu, remove the rhgb and quiet parameters from the kernel command line before booting. See if that gives

2018-05-17 15:51:26 -0600 answered a question ISOFS: Unable to identify CD-ROM format.

You don't need the -t parameter, try without it. What is the output of file \[\]R2017b_glnxa64_dvd1.iso?

2018-05-17 15:47:53 -0600 edited question ISOFS: Unable to identify CD-ROM format.

ISOFS: Unable to identify CD-ROM format. please Help :( I have this error while I'm trying mount iso file [zaynabo@lo

2018-05-17 15:43:33 -0600 commented question Hard Drive shows 'read-only' after Fedora28 update

Internal drive, external drive, USB? More information is needed. Output of mount?

2018-05-17 15:43:21 -0600 commented question Hard Drive shows 'read-only' after Fedora28 update

Internal drive, external drive, USB? More information is needed. Output of "mount"?

2018-05-03 17:58:58 -0600 commented question GAP not working inside SageMath after fresh install

Thanks for your comment @Samuel Sieb. I have now installed gap-pkg-* packages and this gets rid of the "I foo package i

2018-05-03 17:58:12 -0600 commented question GAP not working inside SageMath after fresh install

Thanks for your comment @Samuel_sieb. I have now installed gap-pkg-* packages and this gets rid of the "I foo package i

2018-05-03 17:57:53 -0600 commented question GAP not working inside SageMath after fresh install

Thanks for your comment @Samuel-sieb. I have now installed gap-pkg-* packages and this gets rid of the "I foo package i

2018-05-03 17:49:02 -0600 commented answer Gtk-WARNING**:cannot open display

I don't know why that would be happening, but use one of the other answers here instead.

2018-05-03 17:33:02 -0600 commented answer Gtk-WARNING**:cannot open display

I thought there was a way to do it with gedit, but I couldn't remember what it was.

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2018-04-28 12:26:27 -0600 answered a question Install epoptes in Fedora 27

The server side package uses the correct dependency which is pygtk2, but for some reason, the client wants python-gtk wh

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2018-04-28 12:11:15 -0600 answered a question Gtk-WARNING**:cannot open display

If you're using Wayland (which is the default), applications running as root cannot access the display. If you must use

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2018-04-20 17:04:01 -0600 answered a question Are global version of Gnome extensions no longer supported?

I don't know about the schemas, but I was definitely able to put a new extension in /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions and have it found after restarting gnome-shell. You do need to run gnome-tweak-tool to enable the extension. For the one I tested, the metadata.json file was not world readable when I unzipped it. I had to fix that before it would show up.

2018-04-19 17:16:27 -0600 answered a question How to set a password to a Pendrive, using Fedora 27

I think the only way to do that would be to encrypt the drive.

See the Disk Encryption User Guide which might be out of date. I also noticed a YouTube video that could help.

2018-04-19 17:12:33 -0600 commented question Fedora 27 doesn't detect SSD drive during dual boot installation, how do I fix this?

You don't need to turn off Secure Boot and the default SATA configuration should be ACHI. If it's RAID, then that could potentially be a problem. If you run sudo blkid in a terminal, what is the output?

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2018-04-10 14:12:58 -0600 answered a question Fedora server setup

Are the other computers Linux, Windows, or Mac? Are you wanting to serve the documents using a web server or you want to make a windows-like share using Samba? There are many tutorials around for both of those options. If your local network has a NAT connection to the internet, then other internet users will not be able to reach your server. The easiest way to tell that is if your local IP address starts with 192 or 10.

2018-04-10 14:08:45 -0600 answered a question how do I initialize the PHC clock on my network card

It looks like you need to install the linuxptp package.

2018-04-10 13:59:57 -0600 commented question Error messages starting bash on Fedora 28

Is the .bashrc empty or it has the default content? Check your .bash_profile as well. Have you ever modified the bash login scripts?

2018-04-10 13:56:03 -0600 answered a question Error booting fedora, seeing bash-like things

You need to explain more about how this situation happened. If /dev/sda1 is mounted at /run/initramfs/live, then your USB boot device is the first disk. This either means that the BIOS reordered the drives or your hard drive is not being recognized. Did you have a hard drive failure? The output of blkid or fdisk -l would be very helpful. The tutorials that mention pressing F10 are expecting that you are at the GRUB boot prompt, not a live image. For further help we need more info about what happened and if you have an EFI system or not.

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2018-04-09 14:10:39 -0600 commented question Battery Drains Fast.

Comparing it with Windows was what I ask wondering about. It can provide an approximate reference, but as I mentioned below, it depends a lot on what you're doing with it. A somewhat similar comparison would be if you charge the laptop fully, then just let it idle for an hour or two and see how much the battery goes down. Try it with Windows and Fedora (first charging it fully each time) and see what the difference is.

2018-04-09 14:06:46 -0600 answered a question Battery Drains Fast.

It looks like that laptop has a Radeon graphics chipset, so the included drivers are the best for that. How much power you use depends a lot on what you are doing on the laptop. You can try installing and running powertop to get an idea of what is using the power and some suggestions on what you can do to correct it. You could also check out tlp, but that is a more advanced utility.

2018-04-09 12:03:55 -0600 answered a question HOW TO detect dynamically mounted drives with Gnome 3.28

I get a Nautilus popup when I plug in a drive. I would recommend using the Gnome Tweak Tool to enable the Places Status Indicator extension. This adds a Places menu beside the Activities button in the top-left corner. This menu contains all your folder shortcuts from Nautilus (except Trash).

2018-04-09 11:56:49 -0600 commented question Can't Compile Wifi Driver

Try running make V=1 to find out what exactly is failing.

2018-04-08 17:25:19 -0600 answered a question Unable to Install Fedora 27 Updates

The problem is that you don't have the rpmfusion keys installed. How did you get rpmfusion packages installed when you didn't have wifi at install time? Try installing the rpmfusion-free-release package from

2018-04-08 17:12:22 -0600 answered a question Grub2 failure after ubuntu uninstallation

I'm assuming that this is not an EFI system. If it is, then don't follow the grub install instructions.

Can you see the hard drive partitions from grub? What does ls show? If you can see them, try using the configfile command to load the grub config from your Fedora install. If that boots, then run grub2-install /dev/sda and redo the grub2-mkconfig again.

2018-04-08 17:00:17 -0600 commented question black screen DefaultDepth 30 - Fedora 27 KDE

I don't know what X will do if only one monitor can support 30 bit output. I also wonder if KDE supports that mode. There used to be a problem with that.

2018-04-08 16:39:22 -0600 answered a question update to fedora 27 from f24. System not ready for upgrade

That is a large version jump. It is only "supported" to skip one release and that might not even apply to F24. As @fcomida mentioned, you can try to download and install the new rpmfusion keys and you will probably need the Fedora ones as well. Or you can add --nogpgcheck to the upgrade command.

2018-04-08 16:20:45 -0600 answered a question Cant boot F26

The TSC message isn't a problem, it's just a warning. The dracut command probably fixed that and it's very unlikely that it caused the fsck problem. Somehow your filesystem has become corrupted. You will need to run a manual fsck on it. You might be able to do it from emergency mode, otherwise you will need to do it from a live image.

2018-04-08 16:06:43 -0600 answered a question Change FN key behavior on Fedora 26/27

I assume that the hid-apple module isn't getting loaded for some reason. You can verify that by running lsmod | grep apple. If it isn't in the list, see if running modprobe hid-apple brings back the configuration file.

To permanently set the fn mode settings, create a file called /etc/modprobe.d/hid_apple.conf containing the line options hid_apple fnmode=2.

If the module isn't getting loaded automatically, you can force it by creating a file called /etc/modules-load.d/hid_apple.conf containing the line hid-apple.

2018-04-08 15:42:46 -0600 commented question Battery Drains Fast.

Why do you say it's draining too fast? Are you comparing it to something else?

2018-04-08 15:38:22 -0600 commented answer Is this a fedora bug? *[^11]*

That is correct.

2018-04-05 18:22:17 -0600 commented answer Running out of space on my / partition

When you do the disk setup for the installation, just make sure you create a partition at the mountpoint /home. It appears that you have a somewhat small hard drive, so you will need to decide how much space you want to allocate. It depends on what you are going to do. e.g. if you are going to create VMs then you will need to put more space in / to account for that.

2018-04-05 13:19:54 -0600 edited question Driver Compile Error

Fedora 27 - trying to compile two different drivers - get the same error on both:

[robpom@rpsp3 Asus_USB-AC53_rtl8822bu]$ sudo make
make ARCH=x86_64 CROSS_COMPILE= -C /lib/modules/4.13.9-300.fc27.x86_64/build M=/home/robpom/Asus_USB-AC53_rtl8822bu  modules
make[1]: *** /lib/modules/4.13.9-300.fc27.x86_64/build: No such file or directory.  Stop.


I am kinda new at all this - I have upgraded gcc, kernel headers, etc -

2018-04-05 13:19:16 -0600 answered a question Gnome Desktop fails to load after uninstalling Bluez

gnome-shell requires bluez. How did you uninstall bluez without uninstalling gnome-shell and gdm as well? Or you did do that and that's why it won't work now?

2018-04-05 13:05:45 -0600 commented answer RTL8723de driver is not workin

What is the output of rpm -q kernel-devel?

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