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2018-05-10 08:43:48 -0600 answered a question Fedora28 Won't Install on VirtualBox

I'm speculating here, but I would venture to say that this could be the RNG bug in the 4.16.4+ kernels. The issue is doc

2018-01-29 16:54:48 -0600 commented question fix for CrossRAT in Fedora?

I would think that both Tripwire installations (see howto here: and a good SELinux configuration would help.

Here's what I think is a good starter on SELinux:

2018-01-29 16:45:28 -0600 commented question When starting a VirtualBox VM, I get

I'd recommend installing VirtualBox from rpmfusion. It drags in all the needed kernel mods and then all you need to do after an upgrade is restart to allow the new kernel mods to install.

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2018-01-27 00:27:08 -0600 commented question fingerprint reader for Dell XPS 15 9650

I'm not a GNOME user, but the docs I found said it was located in the user settings under the upper right menu.

2018-01-27 00:23:58 -0600 answered a question How to disable SSH root access in Fedora 27 using the Terminal?

I think what you want is the following:

sudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_conf

Change the line that reads PermitRootLogin yes to PermitRootLogin no and then restart ssh:

sudo systemctl restart sshd.service

If you don't have sudo access, su to root and run the commands without sudo in front of each.

2018-01-20 15:16:24 -0600 commented question Main screen does not go to sleep after pressing Win+L, mouse pointer still appears

Hmm, I though Super-L only locked the screen. A Google search turns up people complaining about the opposite problem, in that the display turns off on lock rather than displaying a lock screen.

2018-01-20 15:09:29 -0600 commented question fedora 27 system unresponsive when writing to usb drive

Bill, no worries. We're all new at something. Jump out to a terminal session by starting the terminal app in Gnome or whatever desktop you use. When you are at the prompt try the following:

su -c journalctl | grep /dev/sd

You'll need to enter your root user's password. That will show all the activity of all the drives on the system. More likely than not your USB drive when plugged in will be /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc and should it be logging an error to the logs.

Hope this gets you further down the road, and glad to have you in Fedora land!

2018-01-18 22:42:36 -0600 answered a question Crackling noise with XPS 13 9360 (i5-8260)

I think this has a shot:

The systemd has a process that is invoked during suspend and wake, what if you wrote a script that unloaded the module and parameter before suspend and then reloaded it on wake.

From what I have read here:, you could put a script in "usr/lib/systemd/system-sleep/" with this example from the author:

if [ "${1}" == "pre" ]; then
  # Do the thing you want before suspend here, e.g.:
  echo "we are suspending at $(date)..." > /tmp/systemd_suspend_test
elif [ "${1}" == "post" ]; then
  # Do the thing you want after resume here, e.g.:
  echo "...and we are back from $(date)" >> /tmp/systemd_suspend_test

Hope this helps...

2018-01-17 23:26:43 -0600 commented question fedora 27 system unresponsive when writing to usb drive

Bill, anything odd in the logs given that journald is corrupted? I'd be curious what if anything it is logging. I've seen this a bad disk, but your situation doesn't seem to match the scenarios that I've seen that occurring in.

2018-01-10 15:03:35 -0600 commented question Cannot login through Mate, Gnome classic

It might be helpful to review the log data. I’m guessing that you installed first with Gnome and then added MATE later. The logs might throw some errors from gdm that would give some insight.

2018-01-09 22:39:04 -0600 answered a question What can I use to program in F#?

It looks like the F# Foundation has a page up on the installation of the F# and then recommends the Visual Studio Code Editor. See more info on their site:

Look to the bottom of the page for two recommendations for editors as well.

2018-01-07 00:19:56 -0600 commented question OneDrive in Nautilus

I've noticed the same thing but I wasn't all that excited to learn that it is read-only access anyway. This looks like a promising means of accessing it:

2017-11-27 22:26:17 -0600 answered a question How to make a FC27 Live USB working on Macbook Pro (Hi Sierra)
  1. Attach USB drive to computer
  2. At a terminal type diskutil list and find your USB drive in the list (example /dev/disk3)
  3. Unmount the drive:

    sudo umount /dev/diskX

  4. Convert the Fedora 27 iso to an img using hdiutil:

    hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o /path/to/fedora27.img /path/to/fedora27.iso

  5. Now dd the img file to the USB stick:

    sudo dd if=/path/to/fedora27.img of=/dev/diskN bs=1m

  6. Eject the USB drive from the computer properly:

    diskutil eject /dev/diskN

Take from here

2016-07-15 21:34:59 -0600 commented question Software Install Problem

Hmm, have you tried this from the command line just to verify behaviour? Either sudo dnf update or su -c dnf update and see if the updates will apply at the cli.

2016-07-15 21:32:06 -0600 commented question sshfs between fedora hosts not working

SELinux possibly? Firewall? Both have caused me issues lately with this type of thing.

2016-07-15 21:19:59 -0600 commented question External hdd not ejecting properly with fedora 24

Does the system still think the drive is mounted? For example does it show up in an fdisk -l or df command?

2016-07-15 21:16:08 -0600 commented question How to install fedora 24 and keep data partition

Just so I'm clear, you want to overwrite the Windows partition and keep the data partition right? If so, in the installer you can choose to make more space and then only delete the Windows 10 partition. I would highly recommend a full system backup before doing this. For example, check out Clonezilla and do a complete system image and then embark on this journey!

2016-07-06 22:49:45 -0600 commented question Problem Installing ISO in Gnome-Boxes

Hmm, it reeks of permissions eh? Have you tried starting Boxes from the cli with sudo or as root?

2016-07-04 23:01:56 -0600 commented question LibreOffice 5.1: can't paste cells into table

I can confirm this behaviour. You're right in saying this should be reported upstream...Might be an idea to close this as well then.

2016-06-28 12:51:59 -0600 commented question Rpmfusion repositories

I would concur with @hhlp, a dnf clean all will resolve this issue! @hhlp I would change this to the answer for this item.

2016-06-28 11:18:44 -0600 commented question Module snd_hda_intel won't unload. Always in use.

I think the issue is one of module dependencies. On my system with the same sound card, a number of other modules depend on snd_hda_intel as well. Can I ask why you are trying to unload this? Maybe there is another means to get where you are trying to go.

2016-06-23 11:31:44 -0600 commented question packettracer not starting

You might want to take a look at a couple of things;

  1. Does it run with superuser rights?
  2. Is SELinux blocking the execution of the software?
  3. Is there anything useful in the logs?
2016-06-23 11:27:20 -0600 commented question fedora 23 backup for full restore

I would also like to recommend that you take a look at Clonezilla for this purpose. It's a great way to grab a whole drive and restore on another drive. While it is only as good as a point in time and a Clonezilla image isn't small, in terms of quick recovery to a point in time can't be beat.

2016-06-23 11:23:13 -0600 answered a question installing grub to a partition rather than the mbr.

If you are looking to install grub on another partition, do the following:

grub2-install /dev/sdX

This was taken from the following page:

2016-06-20 17:07:52 -0600 commented question NTP suddenly missing

@florian Check /etc/logrotate.d/dnf for info on this. I would assume from your experience that the directive "rotate 4" would be every 4 weeks...

2016-06-19 19:52:12 -0600 commented question Unable to edit wifi connections

While I don't recommend this, if desperate you could delete the following: /home/username/.config/dconf/user file as it holds those settings. Realize that other settings that are tied to your account would also be lost as well. Hopefully someone has a better idea...

2016-06-19 19:48:05 -0600 commented question I am new to Linux and I need to get drivers for my Lenovo X301 laptop.

Do you know what kind it is? If you are using a Gnome desktop (the default unless you chose some other spin of Fedora) you might be able to configure it with the mouse applet in the control centre. Does it not work at all?

As for the finger print reader, did you have a chance to try the applet in the Gnome Settings. Apparently that works to configure the reader for most users.

2016-06-10 16:30:20 -0600 commented question NTP suddenly missing

Not a lot of help but dnf logs installs, upgrades, and clean up data in /var/log/dnf.rpm.log. Might be a clue as to at least when it happened.

2016-06-09 13:59:05 -0600 commented question why my dnf is nither installing any software nor updateing ?

Out of interest, can you point a browser to that site and get a result?

2016-04-26 02:11:15 -0600 commented question how to move files in folder inside google drive by using Gnome Files?

Maybe a helpful suggestion; consider using something like rclone ( ) as means to use files from Google Drive. It's more of a rsync type interface but might be another means to use Google Drive.

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2015-07-24 23:38:10 -0600 commented question thinkpad t530 fedora 22 issues

Have you tried installing the package set called tlp? It is a collection of power saving laptop focused settings and packages and can be installed by going into a terminal as root and typing dnf install tlp.

2015-07-24 23:37:54 -0600 commented question Can't find package "python-libs" in fedora package db

If desperate, I've found using dnf search packagename seems to work well. It turned up the subpackages referenced here.

2015-07-24 23:37:40 -0600 commented question How to fix 'Boot error' while installing Fedora 22 using a live USB on a Core 2 Duo PC ?

Can't say for sure that this is your problem but I have had issues with particular USB sticks not being bootable. I would recommend trying the same procedure with the different USB stick and then if that doesn't work try from UNetBootin (another USB iso tool).

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2014-09-02 21:17:05 -0600 answered a question wireless and date formate issue

If you are using XFCE, it would be:

%a %b %C%g

Taken from the following page:

2014-02-16 12:07:25 -0600 answered a question optiplex 740 install fedora 20

Here's a link from the Feodra wiki on creating a USB bootable installation:

% removed reference to UnetBootin as suggested.

2014-02-13 22:34:12 -0600 commented question Fedora 20: Not able to connect neither through broadband nor through Wi-Fi

But just to be clear, you are seeing link lights right?

2014-02-13 22:33:18 -0600 commented question Fedora 20: Not able to connect neither through broadband nor through Wi-Fi

Assuming that you are seeing link lights when connected via Ethernet, you could set a static IP on the interface. Do you know the IP subnet of your network?

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2014-02-09 00:24:25 -0600 answered a question KVM for fedora 14

There is an excellent page on the Fedora project site for this:

I would also recommend moving up to Feodra 20 as F14 is no longer supported and numerous code changes have happened since that release.

2014-02-08 19:00:44 -0600 commented question How to share Wifi over Ethernet Cable? to use an SSH

Just to clarify are you trying to view the desktop of the Pi from laptop? Are you thinking of something like a RDP or VNC type connection to the Pi? Or our you asking if it can be a bridge between the internet and other clients inside your network?

2014-02-08 18:53:47 -0600 commented question Computer won't wake from suspend

I would also add that I've seen other drivers such as a wifi card that was stopping a resume. I would view the logs for entries showing that a driver could not be started, etc.

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