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2018-01-04 08:22:48 -0600 commented question printer installation: issue with execution of filter

Just to be sure, do you have the cups-filters package installed?

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2017-12-24 09:07:35 -0600 answered a question Netflix on Firefox 57 getting an error message

When you first went to Netflix, was there a bar towards the top saying allow DRM or something similar? Then it usually says installing DRM (I've forgotten the exact message), try again later, and if you close and open Firefox it usually works.

You say widevine appears to be enabled, so you probably did this, but it never hurts to check. I can't duplicate the problem.

2017-12-24 07:53:07 -0600 answered a question Display resolution of 13.3″ 3200 × 1800 HiDPI

I have a page that talks about the yoga2, which uses HIDPI.

I boot into text mode and start X. Assuming the display is called eDP1 (sometimes eDP-1) you can open a terminal and do something like xrandr --ouput eDP1 --scale .7x.7 (I don't see the output line in your xrandr, didn't it say output eDP1 or similar?)

You can also in .Xdefaults (not sure where you would put it if you are booting into X), put


The ArchLinux wiki has a page on hidpi

Also, at least on my yoga2, using the live workstation automatically scaled the screen correctly when it used Wayland.

2017-12-20 16:25:58 -0600 answered a question need selinux and saned help

Did you try the instructions given in the error message to allow it?

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2017-12-09 14:01:34 -0600 answered a question ath5k incorrectly marked disabled

Are you absolutely sure there's no hardware switch on the machine that has the card turned off? Usually a hard block indicates that it's a hardware switch somewhere, or maybe a function key combo.

2017-12-05 12:33:24 -0600 commented answer When slowmoVideo offical on Fedora repo?

However, the request would probably have to made of rpmfusion, because as davida pointed it, it uses ffmpeg and faac.

2017-11-25 19:53:28 -0600 answered a question nvidia-settings not running

Sorry, I don't know the answer of how to only use the Intel card, I've not worked with a machine that has two video cards. Your question just caught my eye because I'd seen that similar issue on the forums. Hopefully, someone experienced with hybrid graphics can answer. (It might be worth asking a separate question for it?)

2017-11-25 10:02:09 -0600 answered a question nvidia-settings not running

Someone had a similar issue on Fedora Forums, but Leigh, who I believe maintains NVidia for rpmfusion (though I could be wrong) gave an answer.

Apparently it's not working with Wayland.

2017-11-23 11:50:12 -0600 answered a question Ldap user offline login not working when i am restart my system

I remember a bug in RH based systems, and have no idea if it was ever fixed. I mention it on a very dated page of mine (written for CentOS-5) ,at . I have no idea if it's still the case, but, from that page.

There is a bug in RH based systems. (This is why I suggest changing the bindpolicy from hard to soft.) It was reported 5 years ago and hasn't been fixed yet. In theory, "files ldap" in nsswitch.conf means that it should check the local system files first and only then go to an ldap server. Although it does seem to do this, the bug is that if an LDAP server is not available, the system will hang, and possibly refuse to authenticate--if it does authenticate, it may take 20 minutes or more. This is one of those things which I don't quite understand--that is, why the bindpolicy should even be necessary if it's told to check local files first, however, as many other articles on LDAP will mention, the documentation is often hard to find.

The odd thing about this, from my experience, is that as long as an LDAP server is available, everything is fine, irrespective of whether the account in question is on the LDAP server or not or whether bind_policy is set to hard or soft. That is, if I have user john, who is NOT on the ldap server, as long as the server is running and the local machine can reach it, john can log in normally. It doesn't have to use the LDAP server for authentication--it just seems to want to know there is an LDAP server, as if it needs reassurance.

Therefore, this can be a problem if the LDAP server is taken off the network. To repeat, the way to avoid this seems to be change the bind_policy line from hard to soft in /etc/ldap.conf. (Also to repeat, that isn't a typo, change /etc/ldap.conf, NOT /etc/openldap/ldap.conf.)

I don't know where, on modern Fedora systems, that bind_policy is defined, but if it is, it might be worth changing it from hard to soft and seeing if that solves the problem.

2017-11-18 11:40:18 -0600 answered a question how to driver nvidia video card (gt930mx)

Add the rpmfusion repos.

They seem to work out of the box for most people.

2017-06-17 14:26:10 -0600 commented answer Change account associated with askfedora

Thank you! My eye got distracted by the tweet button and I completely missed that. I've fixed my login.

This question has been solved. Bah, I'm not sure if I should be using the comment, rather than the answer section to answer this, but as it's verifying another answer, I'm going to leave it as it is. Ah, I see I can repost as comment under answer, so I'll do that. :)

2017-06-17 14:25:55 -0600 answered a question Asinine login system

And, I finally found it. I don't know if it was unavailable at the time I first posted this, but I was answered, (as I was in this post) by sideburns at

Worth quoting here as I found this question before logging in. :

Adding a new account is actually quite easy. Click on your username at the top of this page to take you to your user profile overview. Just to the right of your avatar are links to update your profile and to manage login methods. Click the second one and you'll be taken to a page where you can add your FAS Fedora account to your login methods.

That worked.

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2017-06-17 11:06:53 -0600 asked a question Change account associated with askfedora

When I first signed up with askfedora, I used my google plus account. I would like to change that to my FAS Fedora account, but I seem unable to find where one can do this. (If I try to log in with the FAS account, I'm just directed to sign up). The only thing a search came up with was that over a year ago, someone needed an admin to reassociate their account, but I suspect it that I'm just overlooking something obvious.

2017-06-17 11:06:46 -0600 answered a question Fedora 25 and 26 Beta with Dell U2717D display

When you start the install, you may be able to add nomodeset at the end of the kernel line. (When you're told to hit the tab for options.)

I had to do this with earlier versions of Fedora when installing onto a yoga2 laptop, though these days, it seems to give me a readable resolution. (This is with the server netinstall version).

2016-12-06 08:23:19 -0600 answered a question How do I mount a Fedora 25 partition on another Linux distro? may offer help. I don't have any multi boot machines with LVM, so am unable to test. is more recent and makes more sense to me. It may also be that your filesystem is xfs and neither the Ubuntu nor Arch have support for it by default. (I don't know that they don't, it's just a hypothesis).

If this is a new installation, I would just reinstall using standard partitions. LVM is not an unreasonable default for RHEL, where many servers make use of it, but for a single or dual disk laptop or desktop, can over complicate things for those not used to it. If, after doing a reinstall, If it still won't mount, then you know the issue is XFS support for Ubuntu and Arch.

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2016-04-16 19:28:53 -0600 answered a question My new Lenovo G50-45 WIFI Not working,Can anyone help me?

You'll have to give a bit more information. (The model of the laptop doesn't necessarily give the model of wireless card). If it's running Windows, you can get it from the Device Manager. You can also run lspci and see if the card is seen. It will be one of the last few lines.

It might be RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter, judging from an old post on Ubuntu forums. has some instructions that may work.

Assuming that is the card, try googling for things like fedora RTL8723BE and see what other solutions may be out there.

2016-04-16 19:17:47 -0600 asked a question Asinine login system

Why does Fedora consistently seem to be unable to do the simplest things?

There was an ability to log in with one's google account. Use my Fedora account? Nope, that just directs me to a page to signup, not log in, which tells me my email is used by someone else.


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2013-12-27 20:57:49 -0600 answered a question How do I connect remotely to a Fedora desktop?

I have a page on this, mostly repeating advice I received on the forum.

ISTR that it's been like this since F17, and will go into RHEL7 as well.

2013-12-27 06:46:58 -0600 answered a question video converter in Fedora

I second ffmpeg. I have a page dealing with various types of media conversion that some folks have found useful. with some hopefully helpful links on it, such as one to the media matrix.

HandBrake is one GUI option.

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2013-08-20 06:26:02 -0600 answered a question Is there a reason to re-compile the kernel anymore? And where can I find instructions to do so.

gives instructions. I can't answer the other part of the question, as I haven't custom built a kernel in years.

2013-08-04 20:35:22 -0600 commented answer Can not connect to hidden SSID network

I've added to my previous answer. See if the additional link and explanation help

2013-08-01 22:15:20 -0600 answered a question vncserver setup in fedora 19

As was mentioned, be sure to check the firewall. I have a page that I put up around Fedora 17, when the method changed.

2013-07-31 07:02:48 -0600 answered a question Can not connect to hidden SSID network

Are you using NetworkManager or wpa_supplicant.

If you're using wpa_supplicant, the /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf file should contain the line


Ok, due to the somewhat braindead layout of ask.fedoraproject, I have the choice of editing a previous answer or trying to add character limited comments. Why? Because of course it's that way. I don't know if that's standard for these sites, e.g., serverfault, or just Fedora's, but, whatever.

One reason I spend far more time on the forums. Ok, rant out of the way.

First, try to make sure you're not using NetworkManager, because it will interfere with using wpa_supplicant. I have a page on that at

Looking at it, I see that I have ifconfig, which they're deprecating, so use ip add show wlan0 instead of ifconfig wlan0 and if you don't see UP in there than use ip link set wlan0 up

So, I set up my working wpa_supplicant.conf by running

So, my working wpa_supplicant.conf is very simple.


(You can remove that psk line with the comment, I'm just copying from the link above, where I left it in for example)

It explains using wpa_passphrase to check the file.

Now, if you are going to be using wpa_supplicant instead of NetworkManager, you'll also have to edit /etc/sysconfig/wpa_supplicant. It's pretty straightforward, they give examples, you'll have to uncomment the commented lines for interface and driver, so you should have


if you're going to want to make this your permanent setup. The link I gave is more for testing, because it seems, judging from forums and so on, that often, while the wireless card might be working, NetworkManager was broken.

Anyway, hope this helps.

2013-07-29 06:00:39 -0600 answered a question How to use chinese input in english system?

Using scim has been deprecated in favor of ibus. I'm also not at a system right now, (and only use it for Japanese rather than Chinese), but there are various ibus packges, such as ibus-pinyan.

Note that on older versions of Fedora you could try yum grouplist -v |grep -i chinese, but as of Fedora 19, at least, that group seems to have been removed. gives some instructions for F18. Although primarily discussing Japanese, the author also uses Chinese.

2013-07-28 06:57:34 -0600 answered a question Fedora 19 -- unknown terminal xterm-256 color

At my old job, I made a simpler alias for my .bashrc, adding something like

alias ssh='TERM=xterm ssh'

(You might, depending upon the machine to which you are connecting, change that to 'TERM=vt100 ssh'

The .bashrc file is in your home directory. Note the period in front of the name, this means it's a hidden file.

2013-07-28 06:48:19 -0600 answered a question fedora 19 cannot detect wireless

I think some of the Centrino cards require one of the iwl6000 series. If you run

yum search iwl

you'll see iwl6000-firmware, iwl6000g2b-firmware, and so on.

I _think_ your card needs the iwl6000g2b-firmware package, described as the firmware for the 6030, so I would try that one, and if you still have no luck, try some of the other ones, such as the iwl6000g2a, and so on.

2013-07-24 09:32:09 -0600 answered a question How to install Fedora 19 from a *.iso image on a hard drive?

At some point, the simple install from an iso file stopped working. These days, if you first mount the file with mount -o loop myiso.iso /mnt, then copy those files to a directory on your hard drive, that should still work. (Untested by me in awhile though.)

2013-07-24 09:29:47 -0600 answered a question How to use fedora dvd as repository ?

Gives a step by step. If anything there isn't clear, post again.

2013-07-24 09:28:09 -0600 answered a question skype install 64 bit Fedora 19

Actually, these days, you don't even need to use localinstall.

Download the rpm even though it's for F16 and i586. Then

yum install skype-<version>.rpm