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2012-05-05 14:29:07 -0600 commented answer iSCSI causes slow boot load: how to improve?

You have a typo: it is "chkconfig iscsi off" and "chkconfig iscsid off" instead of "chkconfig isci off" and "chkconfig iscid off".

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2012-01-19 11:10:45 -0600 asked a question The laptop screen automatically turns off after a few minutes. How to change?


I have the KDE spin of Fedora 16 here. My problem is that the screen turns off after a short time automatically and i can't change this in the power settings because it shows that the sreen shouldn't turn off automatically. How can I change this annoying behaviour?

Regards, Laurin

2011-12-10 09:49:42 -0600 marked best answer Org-mode rpm available?

org-mode is already part of emacs-common package, which should be installed when emacs was installed.

Run emacs and see that you can manually run org-mode:

Alt-X org-mode RETURN

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You are right, thanks!

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And in other repos?

2011-12-08 14:54:10 -0600 asked a question Org-mode rpm available?

Is a rpm package in the Fedora repos available? I searched for it but I haven't found any.

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2011-11-26 18:49:48 -0600 commented answer Is there a RSS feed of the Fedora Weekly News?

I know this feed but look how old it is…

2011-11-26 17:46:07 -0600 asked a question Is there a RSS feed of the Fedora Weekly News?

Is there a RSS feed of the Fedora Weekly News?

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2011-11-22 09:05:27 -0600 answered a question Fedora 16 software source disabled

I had the same problems the last days but now it works fine.

2011-11-21 11:34:05 -0600 answered a question fedora or ubuntu

For your needs as a student it generally doesn't matter, which of these you use but when you need the proprietary graphic drivers for 3D programmes and games then you should use Ubuntu because of its easier driver installation.

2011-11-14 08:35:48 -0600 answered a question The best IRC client for F16

If you use KDE, then Konversation or Quassel are good options because of their good desktop integration.

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2011-11-10 11:51:50 -0600 answered a question metalink download of fedora

For a general explaination look here:

And here can you find the metalinks for Fedora:

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2011-11-10 11:39:45 -0600 answered a question How do Fedora Repos work?

There aren't any non-free repos, so you have to use 3rd party repos like rpmfusion. YOu will maybe expire problems when you mix several 3rd party repos but if you only use the official Fedora repos and eg rpmfusion, you shouldn't have any troubles.

2011-11-10 11:36:16 -0600 answered a question gnome 3.2 in fedora 15

You can install Fedora 16 in an other partition and copy the configs of your old home directory into the new one. I do this every release and I haven't had problems with it...

2011-11-10 08:16:51 -0600 answered a question Re-encode video to make smaller

For video converting I use HandBrake (, which is available as a RPM package for Fedora in the download section of the homepage. It is easy to use and has good documentation.

An other nice video converter is transmageddon ( which is easier than HandBrake but has less options. A RPM package is also available in the donwload section.