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2019-01-13 20:25:16 -0600 answered a question Problems with a hybrid laptop after kernel 4.13.5-200 (F26)

As an update to this old question.. a kernel update released around early April 2017 resolved the issue and has not been

2019-01-13 20:22:04 -0600 commented question Wayland and teamviewer

I haven't tried logging in with TeamViewer 14 with Fedora 29 but it opens up looking normal. In had previously used Team

2017-10-27 10:46:12 -0600 commented question Problems with a hybrid laptop after kernel 4.13.5-200 (F26)

I have that model and those problems as well. I found the same solution regarding the accelerometer, glad someone was able to successfully submit a patch for it. Until Fedora receives the updated systemd, I have the tilt locked.

As far as keyboard and mouse, it seems to be this issue: . However, those instructions don't seem to work for Fedora. The issue is supposed to be patched for 4.14. I have an external keyboard and mouse plugged in while trying to troubleshoot this.

2017-09-11 18:39:54 -0600 commented answer Ask Fedora: What features / changes do we need in Askbot to make this site *really* work?

I know Disqus used varnish and it was very successful for them.

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2017-08-24 16:09:32 -0600 commented question Auto-Rotate off by 90 degrees

worthwhile suggestion, was still the case under X though

2017-08-24 16:04:59 -0600 commented answer Auto-Rotate off by 90 degrees

thanks for the suggestion, I checked the the Display settings menu, but there were no relevant settings

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2017-08-22 01:22:36 -0600 asked a question Auto-Rotate off by 90 degrees

Until recently, my laptop's accelerometer did not work at all in Fedora, but after a recent update it now does. However, when it rotates, it is 90 degrees to right of what it should be. Does anyone have any ideas how I might have it rotate correctly? For now I have to turn my laptop sideways and click the rotation lock button every time I turn on the laptop.

I am running Fedora 26 x64 on Wayland on a Lenovo laptop.