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Thank you! I double checked and I left off the 6.0 on wing-personal6.0 in the Exec= line. This is the kind of attention to detail that I just didn't have as a new Fedora user.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I've added the line and made the file executable, then I rebooted my system. The issue still persists. I cannot find the application if I click "Activities" and then "Show Applications" from the doc menu. Also, if I navigate to the .desktop file manually and try to open it, I still have the error "There was an error launching your application"

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2017-08-14 12:27:49 -0600 asked a question Creating a Desktop Shortcut

I'm trying to create a short-cut for Wing IDE, a Python IDE I recently installed. I don't want to run it from the terminal. I have the .desktop file created in ~/.local/share/applications/

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Wing Personal IDE
Comment=Wing Personal IDE for Python

If I go to the location of this file in my file explorer and attempt to open it by double-clicking the Wing icon, I get an error message that says "There was an error launching the application."

Please help. I have logged out and logged back in again, but still cannot launch the application without manually typing the command into terminal. Thank you.