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2017-08-06 03:43:45 -0600 commented answer Cannot find VLC in GNOME Software

I tried to refresh the cache for PackageKit as you said, but it did not solve the problem, VLC still does not show up in the search results. I am not convinced it is a problem related to an outdated cache though, since the other applications in the RPMFusion repositories show up correctly.

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2017-08-03 11:16:10 -0600 asked a question Cannot find VLC in GNOME Software

I am running Fedora 26 and I installed the RPMFusion external repositories using the RPMs provided on their website. After that, I installed the packages rpmfusion-free-appstream-data and rpmfusion-nonfree-appstream-data.

Now, I would expect GNOME Software to show all the applications available in the external repositories but, instead, I cannot find VLC using the Ctrl+F search. This does not happen for other applications available in RPMFusion, which I can find without any problem, like Audacity or Telegram Desktop.

Moreover, after installing the vlc package using dnf, VLC shows up in GNOME Software in the "Installed" tab and the AppStream data is also correctly shown. I checked in the XML provided inside the rpmfusion-free-appstream-data package and the information related to VLC is present.

Is this problem reproducible or I simply forgot something during the setup?