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2017-07-16 17:55:25 -0600 answered a question Graphic in software Render mode after clean install Fedora 26 Cinnamon desktop

If you are not presented with a login screen after turning your computer on, then sign out (you may want to create a non-root user for safer usage, if this is what happens).

Once you have either signed out, or you are presented with a login screen when you power your computer on, then look at the box that has the rectangular button that says "Login".

Within the same box that contains the rectangular button that says "Login", look directly above that rectangular button that says "Login", but on the right hand side. There should be a small icon.

The little icon to the right, that is directly above the rectangular button that says "Login", is what allows you to choose your desktop.

Click the button.

You should be able to select one of three options.

If you were already aware of this, then I apologize for trying to be as descriptive as I have in this post. I just got this distribution yesterday and like it MUCH more than Windows 10. I backed it up and installed this in its place.

You may want to run dnf update (I ran it using zsh and it upgraded everything automatically after updating). My only guess is that maybe you have some hardware not fully supported yet, seeing as how you've got a really decent computer, which is why I would run the update if you already knew about the icon above the "Login" button.