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2017-02-26 17:23:03 -0600 commented answer iptables help?

Nevermind. I'm just going to search for this option in firewalld. I don't have expertise to simultaneously using firewalld and iptables, and there must be a reason for switching to firewalld.

2017-02-26 05:50:28 -0600 asked a question iptables help?

So... I want to use iptables to block other user account in my workstation from accessing internet. What I'm doing is running this:

# iptables -A OUTPUT -o wlp2s0 -m owner --uid-owner 1001 -j DROP

as the user ID of what I want to block is 1001 and wlp2s0 is the only outgoing internet access I have.

now, I want to save it, which in this guide:

uses service command, which gives me this output:

The service command supports only basic LSB actions (start, stop, restart, try-restart, reload, force-reload, status). For other actions, please try to use systemctl.

and systemctl doesn't recognize iptables as one of the valid operation.

I don't know anything about iptables beside the guide and a few I've read here and there.

So, by that guide, there should be an iptables file in /etc/init.d?

2017-02-21 20:08:29 -0600 asked a question Using optibay caddy for fedora (and linux in general)

So, I want to replace my laptop's CD/DVD drive into this. Can fedora recognize the hard disk installed on optibay caddy? Also, since some of the issue I've read is about the low power input to the optibay, can user determine whether the input is sufficient or not, and if not, raise it?

2017-02-18 05:21:01 -0600 commented answer Internet content filter

Hmm... Not for all language, I'm sure. I remember I've copied a list of it, english only, to my block list (well, this is sufficient for my case). Besides, a crafty teenager would just use google image search and look at which site isn't blocked by image status, anyway.

There is also content blocking by certain keyword in the page, which is more reliable.

2017-02-17 20:15:54 -0600 answered a question Internet content filter

Hmm... For firefox itself, leechblock (I'm sure you can find other addon on other browser). There is also a way to block using hosts file (as long as your son doesn't have any root privilege, this is pretty safe, I think?) and sometimes your router provides this option.

Others would be using squid/dansguardian?

Now, it is just a matter of reporting to you when he tries to access some of the forbidden sites.

So, do your son have other devices such as smartphone?

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2017-02-12 13:34:22 -0600 asked a question Workspace question

So, I am just trying GNOME workspace and find it really helpful. I want to know though, is it possible to generate n workspace on startup and assign their own category (in which application is hidden in some workspace, but available in others)? For example, I am assigning workspace 1 for 'work', where only work related applications is enabled, and workspace 2 for 'entertainment' where other applications is enabled.

My intention is to allow myself fun by the rest period in pomodoro cycle and returning to focus during the period where I had to focus.

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2017-02-11 21:27:07 -0600 asked a question Importing Fonts from Windows?

I am dual booting windows 10 and Fedora. My class necessitate me to use Times New Roman font family for my reports. While I've found how to import such font from my windows partition, I don't know whether I should use this, or if I could get in trouble for this. If I have this in my computer, then am I licensed to use such fonts in other OS beside windows?

Edit: it seems like I am not able to import it. This question will be closed.

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Solved. Thanks.

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2017-02-10 17:25:42 -0600 commented answer conflict between attempted install: owncloud

How to get repo ID?

sudo dnf config-manager --set-disabled isv:ownCloud:desktop.repo

yields nothing.

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2017-02-07 20:32:19 -0600 asked a question conflict between attempted install: owncloud

A problem I have encountered when running dnf update is this:

Error: Transaction check error:
file /usr/lib64/ conflicts between attempted installs of owncloud-client-libs-2.2.4-5.fc24.x86_64 and libowncloudsync0-2.2.4-10.1.x86_64
file /usr/lib64/owncloud/ conflicts between attempted installs of owncloud-client-libs-2.2.4-5.fc24.x86_64 and libowncloudsync0-2.2.4-10.1.x86_64

Error Summary

I don't know how to solve this. Help?