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2017-02-05 20:29:59 -0600 asked a question Unable to remove Fedora 25 from Windows 10- HP Notebook in Advance Startup option

Dear Team,

I have installed Fedora 25 and then removed it from HP Notebook Disk partition because it got crashed and system was unable to recover. I am Unable to remove Fedora 25 from Windows 10 in Advance Startup option.


In Advance Startup option ==> Use a Device ==> Fedora

This option is still appearing. I have tried reset whole Windows C drive, Fixing the bootrec and lot of stuff. But Nothing seems working


If I am trying to install Fedora again using USB. It never select USB , by default selects Windows 10. In Boot menu, I have enabled the Legacy Boot. And placed the USB option in Highest order. But this never works, When I tried to re-access Boot Menu, I found the pointer (>) is on NoteBook Option. Now I cannot even Install Fedora back?


Last time when Fedora was installed successfully. In HP Notebook Startup, It never ask for option of Windows and fedora. I tried lots of stuff like disable the fast boot, Enabling Virtualization, Clear CPM yes and But I could never get 2 options like.

Select your OS 1. Windows 10 2. Fedora 25.

So I use to launch Fedora by In Advance Startup option ==> Use a Device ==> Fedora Now there were some updates and after updates of Fedora, it asked for restart. But after Restart Windows 10 starts automatically and On Visiting Fedora manually ... I got a message It got crashed and unable to recover. This happened with me almost 3 times.

I have really spend lots of time understanding the problem, but no luck. I wish somebody could help me.