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2017-01-30 18:59:52 -0600 commented question Onscreen/virtual keyboard in Kde on F25 - how to install

Have you made any progress with this? It appears that for KDE's nicely-integrated onscreen keyboard you must be running Wayland: Unfortunately, while Wayland is default on the default Gnome version of Fedora, KDE still uses Xorg by default. You could try installing the package plasma-workspace-wayland but if everything blows up, I can't be held responsible! Having just recovered from a half-botched F24-25 upgrade, I am not brave enough to try that package today. If you do, let me know!

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2016-12-21 13:14:18 -0600 answered a question Is there a program I can use to write on a PDF with my stylus?

The program I always use for this is Xournal. It is in the standard repositories, so can be grabbed as easily as dnf install xournal

Unfortunately, there hasn't been major development on Xournal as long as I've used it. It's rock-solid stable and gets the job done, but it lacks a great many quality-of-life features.

If you want more general note-taking features, an alternative with somewhat more active development is Xournalpp. Xounralpp has a bunch of fancy new features, but does not advertise itself as stable. I have not used it for long enough to give an opinion. Additionally, I don't know of an easy way to install it other than compiling yourself, which was not too much of a hassle last time I did it.