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2016-03-27 17:30:30 -0600 asked a question Rawhide Gnome 3.20 Wayland screen rotation

In Gnome 3, usually we can enable screen rotation for a display in the Settings -> Displays gui. However, on Fedora Rawhide running "Gnome Wayland" (3.20), this gui does not display the usual rotation arrows. How do you rotate a display's orientation in 3.20? Is there a configuration file that can be edited (I couldn't find it) or created?

Gnome 3.18:

image description

Gnome 3.20 Wayland:

image description

2016-03-25 08:24:19 -0600 asked a question open-vm-tools copy/paste stops working?

A clean installation of Fedora 23 as a VM within a VMWare Fusion (OSX) host results in the inclusion of open-vm-tools. Features such as screen resizing, and copy/paste work perfectly out of the box. However, after some time, the copy/paste sharing between host and guest stop working. Is there a known way to troubleshoot this? So far I have:

  • uninstalled and re-installed open-vm-tools using dnf
  • restarted the guest Fedora 23 os
  • restarted the host OS
  • checked and unchecked the "isolation" copy/paste and drag/drop options in VMWare Fusion

However, the inability to copy/paste between guest and host persists. Note that on the same host machine, copy/paste between other VMs, including another fresh Fedora 23 VM, works as expected.