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Wow that was quick and simple! the ~/.bashrc indeed had an env command. Thank you very much!

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Hi, I recently installed F23. I tried to install stuff to lyx (Hebrew support etc), and during installation I lost internet connection or something, and the installation process got stuck.

Since then, whenever I opened Software it showed the program as if in process of installation, but never finished. What's worse was that whenever I opened the Terminal, it opened a non-working lyx document. I tried restarting the system, and found out that this lyx file is now opening at system startup, immediately after login and before anything else, so I guess it's all related. I uninstalled lyx entirely, but now I have a reminiscent junk message when I open the Terminal: "env: lyx: No such file or directory".

What can I do to clean everything up? There's some kind of a process that's stuck and queued, but I'm relatively new to Linux so I really don't know what the underlying reason for this problem is or how to handle it...

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks! That looks very nice, I'll try out what you guys suggested!

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Thank you both for your replies!

a) I'll try VM and WPS and see how they work. If WPS delivers, it would be more convenient than VM, which is a working solution but a but clumsy I guess...

b) I'm not bound to Google Drive, but I do need the space, and switching to a payed service wouldn't be my first pick. I read a little about Mega, and they had controversial reviews, mostly speed-wise. @davidva, have you had any personal experience with their desktop client?

c) I'll test Matlab on a VM as suggested, My Uni provides me with a license, so if not already- I can ask for a compatible license.

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Hi everyone,

I'm considering to finally switch form Win10 of Linux. I've tried Ubuntu but was not a big fan of Unity, nor Kubuntu with KDE Plasma, so I'm thinking of giving Fedora with Gnome/Cinnamon DE a shot. I currently have 3 things that get in the way with this transition:

a) I (sort of) need MS Office. Libre/Open didn't do the trick for my (occasional) usage, as most of it is with other people who use Windows, e.g. working on presentations. And the back and forth translation just wasn't good enough. The alternative is using Wine, but I haven't had any experience with it yet. Their website seems a bit outdated, so I was wondering how stable are different Office packages these days? And how cumbersome (if at all) is it to use Wine?

b) Google drive: I've heard Gnome 3.18 has some kind of an integrated version of the desktop app, but that it does not work offline. I also heard about ownDrive, but I don't have a server and don't want to pay for something I currently get for free (my University provides me with a whopping 10TB Google Drive account). I need this app very much, as I'm working on different workstations on daily basis (my PC, laptop, Uni. computers and lab workstations...) so I always have to be in sync, and manual syncing is a recipe for trouble. And I also don't want tob get stuck without my stuff when offline, which happens occasionally. I was wondering whether there is a way to perhaps combine ownDrive with Google Drive as a server. Is that complete nonsense? Or is there any free Linux alternative with a capacity of at least 30GB (my likely usage for the next year or so) that has a desktop app with offline syncing?

c) General Linux-Windows compatibility: since I'm working with other people, I want to make sure things like Matlab/Python scripts, lyx documents etc. will work on both OS's without modifications. Is that indeed the case?

Dual booting is also an option, which will probably be the case at least in the near future, but then again I can just stick to Windows, which already has everything I need (though in an OS I dislike very much).

Thanks a lot! Johnathan