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2015-09-21 16:24:05 -0600 answered a question Fedora20 not booting in graphical mode without startx

I have similar situation with asus k70a laptop. After consequtive upgrade (with fedup) from f20 through f21 to f22 I got the following: I see the login invitation to Gnome with the list of users but mouse pointer is hanging exactly in the middle of the screen. If I switch to console screen with Ctrl-Alt-F button I can login into any user in text mode but in a minute or less screen is covered with 'noise' - sort of colour dust similar to one when graphic cad is switvhing from one mode to another. Keyboard is working but nothing can be recognized.

So I booted into text mode by adding 'quite 3' to the kernel line in grub. In this case I can use startx to get into Gnome but only under root.

Still no solution after 2 evenings of googleing. Any help would be highly appreciated.