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2015-10-20 21:36:58 -0600 received badge  Editor (source)
2015-10-20 21:34:36 -0600 answered a question how to compine two videos together

there are many video editing software or video editor in the internet today can merge videos, can choose easy operation one or complicated ones..

2015-10-15 02:33:29 -0600 answered a question Split audio files

uh there are many audio or video converter and software can do can find many of this kind, because split audio or video files are very common and easy operation function :D

2015-10-12 01:51:49 -0600 answered a question Video editing software

There are some compilicated and professional ones like sony vegas or imovie, some easy operational ones like the windows movie maker or hd video converter, you can check them in the google and find your love there :D

2015-09-17 05:42:05 -0600 answered a question Can't play mkv files on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 through rygel.

Indeed, MKV is a new and powerful video format, has a lot of valuable features that other video formats do not have.

However, it is not powerful enough to replace all the other video formats, sometimes we need to convert them to other video formats. Just like your problem here, it's the phone could not support it.

Although I don't use the Samsung but i often meet the same troubles, so I use the video converter software to fix it :D. Here's the software i like and want to recommended for you--Video Converter Factory Pro, i think it will not be the problem for this software to convert the MKV format into many common ones which are supported in your cellphone, such as the MP4.

Hope you will enjoy this one!