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2015-08-18 15:16:57 -0600 commented question Windows won't boot

No, i disabled Secure mode a month ago

I tried Boot Repair from W10's CD, but it says that partitions are messing :S

And i still have my network problem, which i really don't know how to solve

Edit : Network problem solved, i took my mum's WiFi USB key and installed kmod-wl ^^

Now, when trying to boot on Windows using grub, it says "unknown file system"

Edit 2 : Problem solved : i copied files from Windows/Boot/EFI/ to /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/ and it worked Thank to you two for your help :)

2015-08-18 14:51:43 -0600 commented question Windows won't boot

UEFI secure mode is disabled, i'm sure of it (i've boot on Kali Linux on this PC so i was obliged to disable it) I saw many people saying "Just change root and indicate the path to bootmgfw.efi, but if i follow the path, the file doesn't exist The tuto i've follow said that you can have only one UEFI partition for Windows and Linux, i thinks i made it the wrong way I'm currently downloading on my phone Windows 10's iso, then i'll boot on it and use repair tool to install Windows's boot manager

2015-08-18 13:29:28 -0600 commented question Windows won't boot

I went on the website that aeperezt gave to me, then here : , and downloaded the packages for free and nonfree apps for Fedora 22

But again, i have no WiFi at all, even the WiFi icon does not appear, so i write these messages and download packages with my android device, so it's complicated to install them

BTW, i have the same network card as this guy :

Edit : Just understood your question^^ i used rpm

2015-08-18 13:00:42 -0600 commented question Windows won't boot

I think i successfully installed rpmfusion (i installed two packages) but didn't understand what i should do after, sorry ^^ Edit : i tried to install akmods-0.5.3-2.fc22.noarch.rpm, but i had many errors as "gcc is necessary", "rpm-build is necessary"...

2015-08-18 12:32:26 -0600 asked a question Windows won't boot

Hey there ! First of all, sorry for my english ^^ Secondly, i'm very new to Linux

I tried to install Fedora 22 with Windows 10 on my PC Twice use the same UEFI But i can only boot on Fedora I add manualy the option for Windows 10, but it can't find bootmgfw.efi so he doesn't start (i changed 40_custom then ran grub2-mkconfig etc.) I can see Windows partitions anyway Another problem which is completly different : i can't connect to the internet with my Broadcom BCM43142, that's why i can't show you my terminal output Can someone help me ? :)

Edit : In boot menu, i have Fedora, UEFI OS, another Fedora and the Optical CD reader