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2014-04-30 09:51:18 -0600 asked a question keyboard combination for clearing messages from message tray

I was curious if anyone knew if there is a keyboard combination for clearing all the messages from the message tray in Gnoem3 (3.10.x) on Fedora 20?

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2013-08-27 17:00:23 -0600 answered a question Are spins updated at the same time as the main version?

Yes, the Spins receive updates at the same time as the "main" (default) distro release happens. The Spins are just alternative package selection and default configurations from the "Desktop" release. You can actually look and see the differences between them by installing and checking the contents of the 'spin-kickstarts' package:

yum -y install spin-kickstarts fedora-kickstarts

For README info and such, check out the spin-kickstarts package contents, it's a dependency.

rpm -ql spin-kickstarts

From there look at the different kickstart files.

rpm -ql fedora-kickstarts

For information on kickstarts, search using your favorite provider for "Fedora Kickstart" and there's a really good document on the Wiki (I don't have enough karma to post links yet so I can't post it here).

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