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2015-02-20 00:26:29 -0600 answered a question How to hide certain users from GDM logon list?

Edit the file /etc/gdm/gdm.schema find the section that currently looks like this:

<schema> <key>greeter/Exclude</key> <signature>s</signature> <default>bin,root,daemon,adm,lp,sync,shutdown,halt,mail,news,uucp,operator,nobody,nobody4,noaccess,postgres,pvm,rpm,nfsnobody,pcap</default> </schema>

And to exclude a user called qmail for example add qmail to the default list so the section looks like this.

<schema> <key>greeter/Exclude</key> <signature>s</signature> <default>qmail, bin,root,daemon,adm,lp,sync,shutdown,halt,mail,news,uucp,operator,nobody,nobody4,noaccess,postgres,pvm,rpm,nfsnobody,pcap</default> </schema>

That will stop user qmail appearing in the gdm greeter. There used to be a nice GUI tool to do this but is has not been in Ubuntu for the last few releases.

The other alternative is to set the UID of the user to under 1000. Those are considered to be system accounts which are excluded in the GDM greeter too. I hope this will help you. For any writing help you can use this professional essay writing service for better support.