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2019-04-20 22:46:03 -0500 asked a question unexpected behavior of 'rpm --setperms sudo'

unexpected behavior of 'rpm --setperms sudo' rpm --setperms sudo on a fedora 29 fresh installation sets /usr/bin/sudo's

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2015-10-10 03:33:05 -0500 asked a question How to boot fedora with a squashfs image as root fs

I made a squashfs image from my system root, I want to put it on a USB drive among some Live ISOs, and make boot menu using GRUB2.

What kernel boot parameters should I use to specify that Squashfs image as root file-system?

I used this as grub configuration, but Dracut fails to find and mount root:

insmod gzio
insmod xzio
insmod part_msdos
insmod squash4
insmod iso9660
insmod ext2
insmod btrfs
insmod regexp
insmod multiboot2
set pager=1
set timeout_style=menu
set timeout=10
set gfxpayload=keep
menuentry '2. Fedora Workstation' {
        set imgfile=/boot/images/fedora.squashfs
        loopback loop /$imgfile
        linux (loop)/boot/vmlinuz-4.1.8-200.fc22.x86_64 ro rd.fstab=0 root=$imgfile elevator=deadline enforcing=0 #rhgb quiet LANG=en_US.utf8
        initrd (loop)/boot/initramfs-4.1.8-200.fc22.x86_64.img
2014-12-14 20:20:04 -0500 commented answer fedora 20 installing new kernels but no using them

It's ok, please paste this:
su -c 'yum list kernel > /tmp/tmpkernellist ; cat /boot/grub2/grub.cfg > /tmp/tmpgrub2cfg ; cat /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg > /tmp/tmpgrub2eficfg ; fpaste --fullpath /tmp/tmpkernellist <(ls -lah /boot) <(ls -lah /boot/grub2) /tmp/tmpgrub2cfg /tmp/tmpgrub2eficfg /etc/default/grub /etc/grub.d/* '

2014-12-13 19:19:56 -0500 commented answer fedora 20 installing new kernels but no using them

fpaste --confirm <(lsblk) /etc/fstab <(mount) <(ls -la /)

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2014-12-13 11:15:41 -0500 answered a question fedora 20 installing new kernels but no using them

Do yum will successfully install kernel packages without any error?
Do you get new entries in grub boot menu?
check permissions and mount options of boot mount point

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2014-07-30 15:14:55 -0500 edited question Acronis True Image alternative

Is there any alternative to Acronis True Image which supports ext4/btrfs and has the same capabilities? I want:

  • compression
  • partition/disk level and also file level backup and restore
  • image mounting
  • image integrity verification