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2017-12-01 16:33:15 -0600 commented answer Fedora 26: Gnome Shell doesn't come up after login from GDM.

you can clean your conf directories ~/.local/share/gnome-* or move them somewhere else to test if it's coming from it. Warning , this way you will lose you shell extension and configuration.

2017-12-01 16:23:37 -0600 commented answer How to install any .tar.gz file on Fedora 27 in details

installing by default in the root system is bad practice, use something like ./configure --prefix=~/Software/myprogdir/ or at least use the /usr/local/

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2016-12-15 02:19:55 -0600 commented question share desktop using webex

never been able to run webex with fedora linux, Ubuntu user are in the same case

2016-12-14 11:22:28 -0600 commented question how to use github webhook with copr

to activate the webhook one need to create a new package with tito/git

2016-12-14 11:19:03 -0600 commented question F25 Steam not starting

use df -h home/motz/.local/share/Steam/ in a terminal and check if you have enough space and the right to write in it

2016-12-14 04:51:31 -0600 commented answer Cannt Install steam

what is this steam repo by the way, i'm using without problem

2016-12-14 04:49:20 -0600 commented answer Cannt Install steam

try to remove it but beware it could remove other package as dependency, check if it didn't remove a needed software , then re-install steam

2016-12-13 10:18:32 -0600 commented answer Can not load RPM file:atom.x86_64.rpm on Fedora 24

i'm using the cop version mosquito/atom without trouble on f24/f25.

2016-12-13 10:06:59 -0600 commented answer Install hwinfo on Fedora 25

@graceful no that's why i did build this package, i will rebuild it for f25

2016-12-13 09:58:48 -0600 answered a question how to install cmatrix in fedora 25

i just remember i did build it 1 year ago :)

if you look for package from official repo use

dnf search cmatrix

if you look for package build by the community ( with no warranty )

dnf copr search cmatrix

look at this page for instruction
2016-12-08 15:43:52 -0600 commented question I can't login after upgrading to fedora 25

did you try to login in from a pseudo terminal? -> use ctrl+alt+f2 to access it

2016-12-08 15:41:51 -0600 commented question h.264 codec for chromium

you should provide the fedora version you are working with, my answer was for fedora25

2016-12-08 15:38:36 -0600 commented question how to use github webhook with copr

i've seen this page but it doesn't help me to start up, the webhook is already in place but nothing happen after a push ( should trigger the webhook)

2016-12-07 15:17:39 -0600 answered a question h.264 codec for chromium

sudo dnf search h264

there is a now a open version openh264, no sure it's compatible with chrome or you got x264 from rpm-fusion-free

2016-12-07 15:13:28 -0600 answered a question GRUB2 FORUMS

that the official web site

and on this page you got the mail of the devel list , did you try it ?

2016-12-07 15:08:55 -0600 asked a question how to use github webhook with copr

when i use fedora copr infra, i usually upload a srpm file for convenience, but recently a github repo maintainer ask me to help him to automatized his build for rpm, i did see the possibility to use webhook with github but after loooking at all blogs and documentation and didn't find any example how to use it ( i failed badly with tito ).

could someone give a link to an how-to (for dummy like me) or wrote me a simple example how to do it with a spec file and an existing github repo.

by the way this could make copr popular to upstream dev.


2016-12-07 14:47:42 -0600 answered a question Cannt Install steam


sudo dnf distro-sync libidn

from in case of trouble

sudo dnf info libidn

to see from which repo this package come

if it's coming from an alternative repo and it's version is newer that the one from fedora you can downgrade it

`sudo dnf downgrade libidn

2016-12-07 14:37:41 -0600 answered a question help me fix the kernel module

i suppose you did install virtualbox through an external repo , now you have updated your kernel but the virtualbox kernel module is not up to date at now.

reboot and at the grub menu, select a previous version of your kernel, hopefully you should have the module for the previous versions.

by using sudo command without knowing what going one will break your system for sure.

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2016-08-10 11:55:41 -0600 commented answer Fedora24 Live X blackscreen (+cursor) then crash? GTX 1070

gnome shell require 3D capabilities, you can solve the problem by installing the last proprietary driver after the disk install. or

2016-08-10 11:47:23 -0600 commented answer fedora 24 freezes randomly

the color should be red and during the freeze , so before reboot you maybe see some line/warning/error repeated.

if you want to share your log , use

2016-08-09 14:23:54 -0600 answered a question fedora 24 freezes randomly

did the journal from the previous boot show some errors ?

sudo journalctl -b -1

2016-08-09 14:15:33 -0600 answered a question Fedora24 Live X blackscreen (+cursor) then crash? GTX 1070

to disable nouveau at boot time

nouveau.modeset=0 rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau

gtx 1070 is pascal family hardware, it's only supported by the kernel >= 4.8, you need to install the proprietary driver after ( text mode ) install. Usually a degraded graphic mode is proposed at boot time for the live cd, maybe it will work for you.

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2015-08-06 13:19:17 -0600 commented answer Resize boot partition on /dev/sda?
2015-08-06 13:12:22 -0600 answered a question Resize boot partition on /dev/sda?

use gparted from a livecd (f22) , the newer versions work with lvm

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2015-06-22 01:47:12 -0600 marked best answer best way to update fedora from command line

I was wondering what is the best way to update my fedora os from command line.

  1. yum update (safe ?)
  2. dnf update (fast but buggy)
  3. pkcon update ( no control )

For example as nvidia blob user i always got into trouble with rpmfusion package and kernel version mismatch. ( kernel 3.16.2 for example ) it's maybe due to the fact i misuse the cmdline.

i'm interested in best practices for cmdline.

PS: i'm using now negativo17 repo for nvidia blob.

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2015-06-11 10:58:31 -0600 answered a question Fedora 22 shutdown/reboot hang

look at this web page for debugging systemd

  • at boot, in grub selection menu, edit one entry with key e
  • add this to the kernel line ( linux16 ) systemd.log_level=debug systemd.log_target=kmsg log_buf_len=1M enforcing=0
  • ctrl-x to boot
    • debug should be active for boot and shutdown
2015-06-09 12:26:06 -0600 answered a question WIFI not showing after update

you should have this package installed kmod-wl-4.0.4-303.fc22.x86_64.x86_64 , which doesn't exist yet

install the akmod to build it

dnf install akmod-wl kernel-devel kernel

to build for a specific kernel

akmods --force --kernels 4.0.4-303.fc22.x86_64

normally kmods are re-built at boot time

2015-06-09 04:10:57 -0600 commented question WIFI not showing after update

is the module loaded ? lsmod | grep wl

2015-06-09 03:57:55 -0600 commented question Kernels versions later then 3.17 randomly console floods on boot

it's a bug of nouveau. I encounter it too and switched to the proprietary blob ;(

2015-06-08 15:29:49 -0600 commented question Fedora 22 shutdown/reboot hang

got this too , but it's followed by NetworkManager[917]: <info> caught signal 15, shutting down normally.

2015-06-08 15:25:09 -0600 commented question Fedora 22 shutdown/reboot hang

there is sometime timeout for shutting down service up to 3 min , did you wait long enough ?

look like a race condition too , with the bus shutdown before network-manager , but the log level is "info"

2015-06-08 15:16:05 -0600 answered a question Multiple package conflicts after fedup

did you try dnf distro-sync after fedup ?

look at Cleaning Up Post Upgrade

2015-06-08 15:12:33 -0600 commented answer problem on installing fedy

no need to force is there