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Fedora 25 chrome freezes (GPU related problem)

So I've been using Fedora 25 Mate for the last couple of days, and i'm experiencing the same problem i had with the XFCE version. when i launch Chrome, it tends to freeze. only the browser itself stops responding, everything else works, but i need to kill processes in order for the browser to close. I managed to fix the problem with using the --disable-gpu command, and although the CPU usage spiked noticeably, i was ok with it until I've noticed that i can't do anything that is WebGL related, and that is a problem for me. I have the AMD Radeon 5850 which is a very old card. i tried to mess with the fglx drivers, but the last time i did that i had to reinstall the operating system because i couldn't even launch it. plus, it seems that whenever i install the fglx drivers, one of my monitors is not recognized by the OS. i'm using the default drivers that came with the installation at the moment. any help would be appreciated.