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F25 xbacklight not working

I've recently installed Fedora 25 on my X1 Carbon (4th gen) and everything works fine under GNOME, but I usually work under i3wm and I have to define some key bindings there to change volume, brightness etc. with hotkeys.

Brightness gives me a headache unfortunately. Any command that uses xbacklight (it used to work with other distros in the past) returns the same message:

$ xbacklight No outputs have backlight property

The /sys/class/backlight folder has properly linked path to the device (monitor) - intel_backlight

Any ideas how I can allow xbacklight to change brightness correctly? The hotkeys work properly under Weyland GNOME session, so there has to be some command that works. xbacklight returns the same thing under GNOME session, so I doubt it's that one.

Any help would be appreciated.