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Linux doesn't boot after changing permissions to 755 of all folder in \

I made a terrible mistake and now my whole Linux doesn't boot. I changed the permissions of all folders in the root i.e. \

I used

find \ -type d -exec 755 {} \;

find \ -type f -exec 755 {} \;

Now I cant even boot my linux. Disk error is being displayed after waiting a long time watching linux load.

If you ask me why I changed the permissions, I thought changing permission of the entire directory would solve everything than being prompted to login as root each time. This I found to be a blunder.

I am able to boot either into windows (or) open the grub terminal only as of now. I checked the properties of my present linux fedora 16, it is as root(hd2,msdos2) /bin/usr/bin/grub2 has all the files needed for linux to boot.

I have no idea how to get in, I tried chmod and chown at grub terminal but command not found is displayed.

I need to fix it asap :`(