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What are some good reasons to choose Fedora as a workstation instead of Ubuntu?

A lot of people have stuck with Ubuntu (myself included) from the good old days when their driver support was excellent and Fedora's was not so good.

But presently in 2016, I guess that Fedora should have improved the driver support too. In any case, hardware support isn't a very big issue for me right now as I'm a freelance web developer and all I need is an OS to run on my Dell Laptop. But I feel that I'm stuck so much with the Ubuntu way of doing things (sudo apt-get, Dash screen to look for any apps, nice Ambiance theme and left launcher bar, etc.)

I need a very strong motivation to try out Fedora and what can that be?

I think one motivation could be the DevOps side. I haven't done any actual DevOps project, but suppose if I get one, which skill is more suited as a server side? From what I know, Amazon AWS instances have CentOS by default and so do Digital Ocean, so does that mean Fedora (yum/dnf) is a more useful to know to get into server side of things?

Please provide me the motivation/inspiration that I'm looking for switching from Ubuntu to Fedora!