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How to restore Windows 10 boot entry after installing Fedora 24

Hello Boys and Girls,

i decided to upgrade from 23 to 24. So i freshly installed Fedora 24 over 23 (Fedora got its own drive). Everything works as expected, except the Windows 10 boot entry was missing (the entry in the uefi-menu which appears if i hit F11 at startup). Sadly there is also no entry for my Windows in the grub menu.

Rebuilding the grub config did not work, os-prober cannot find the windows boot stuff. I've tried boot-repair via ubuntu live stick, which didn't work either,... but the log is interesting. It says for sda1 (Fedora) and for sdb1 (Windows) "No errors found in the Boot Parameter Block". You can find the whole boot-repair output here.

Please help me get my windows up and running ;-P thx