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Install another spin keeping /home

Running Fedora24 KDE Spin. The disk is partitioned using 'Standard' partitioning.

So, there is a 200MB partition for boot-loader, 500MB /boot partition.

In an encrpyted partition, there are /root 50GB, swap 4GB and /home 400GB odd.

I want to try Fedora Workstation (Gnome version) preserving /home partition.

In the installer, I can go to custom partitioning, delete /boot and /root partitions. Then the free space available increases.

When I mount the encrypted partition and delete /root or swap partitions, the available space does not increase. Probably because these all are in one single encrypted partition.

Reclaim free space option does not provide for mounting encrypted partition. So, I will need to delete the whole /dev/sda3 (the encrypted partition complete with /home).

So, how do I install another spin without losing /home?