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VNC unstable and flickering on F23

Note that I asked more or less the same question on (

I have been using tiger vnc server on a F23 laptop for a while. After a reinstall, however, it doesn't work anymore. It's a fresh install plus dnf install tigervnc-server.

The symptoms are partially displayed windows, graphics elements displayed although they should have disappeared, flickering; to a point that the GUI is unusable. This is the screenshot I uploaded to Linuxquestions: (I am not allowed to upload one here).

Another symptom: While the Xvnc process runs with geometry 1024x768, the client reports 1920x1024. The system where Xvnc runs has a 1368x768 screen.

The client is tight VNC on Windows 10. It has no problem with another tiger vnc server on a Centos 7 system.

I don't even know where to start looking. Any suggestions what I should do?