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What (type of) partition is needed to install Fedora alongside Windows

I've been trying to install Fedora on my laptop since ... last night. I tried the instructions from this page.

But I got an error saying

local variable 'e' was referenced before... ( my memory fades) I think it was because I already had at least 3 primary partitions( I didn't really notice that then nor I ever cared to look at before).

After fiddling with Windows Disk Management (using mmc), I managed to have a 300GB big unallocated space with 3 other primary partitions. This time I was able to create either swap or /boot. But then again I hit the "local variable 'e' was referenced..." error. Again, I think it was because of the number of primary partitions.

So I have now only 1 primary partition and 1 extended partition which includes, a system recovery logical partition, C: where Windows is and a green "free space".

Check photo here photo

Now when I try to install Fedora, I get for some reason we are unable to locate a disklabel ...

But in a document ( I think it was the official reference but I can't find the exact location anymore ), it said that I need unallocated partition to be able to install Fedora. (I was reading somewhere around here

So I'm confused and banging my head against this wall.

How do I install Fedora on my machine alongside Windows 10 ? Is the second photo an actual bug that has not been addressed ?

See also Yes, Fedora supports installing into logical partitions inside an extended partition.