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Unable to boot into Fedora 21 due to error message below

This is an on going error that I am trying to fix. I am currently unable to boot into Fedora 21. It boots through the Plymouth screen but where it would ususally go to the Log in screen, it brings up a Text screen and reports

EXT4 -fs error device dm-1 ext4 dev sdb Ext4_get_inode _loc (and then the UUID) Critical Medium error It then reports 3 sectors that have critical errors and then reports a bad block number and then goes into a loop, reporting the same thing , over and over again

Yesterday it was reporting this error on a differrent device ( SDC ) which was the SWAP drive which I have removed as it was a physical disk. I created a SWAP FILE and added it to fstab

I have now booted up with the USB Live and have mounted the remaining Hard disks and run fsck -a on them all, including the boot partition and received no report of errors, it just came up and said

fsck from util-linux 2.25.2

I have also got the computer to run a check on the RAM incase it was that but again, no errors are reported

Now, I am at a total loss as to where or What the error actually is. Can anyone help or give ideas as to where to look at this next.

Thank you in advance