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Best way to install VirtualBox


I'm looking forward to install VirtualBox on my Fedora 21 setup.

There is many way to get it:

  • manually and directly installing standalone RPM from website
  • from oracle supplied repository
  • from rpm fusion repository

I'm already running VirtualBox under Windows and work fine. Under Linux, I want it to be stable and working flawlessly across system updates : major versions changes and especially the kernel updates.

On my old laptop, I was using a kernel module for wireless driver from RPM Fusion. A lot of time, when the kernel was updated, the corresponding module version wasn't present rapidly for the new kernel version. Also, I've read somewhere that RPM Fusion is not always keeping up with major updates and kernel updates. With VBox from RPM Fusion using a kernel module (kmod-VirtualBox-3.19.............) I think that this could happen to and break my VBox installation for some time after kernel updates. Not funny to select a specific kernel on reboot.

Anyone using RPM Fusion got this kind of problem with VBox? Is this could happen with Oracle supplied repository? Then, is it better to simply install the standalone RPM, that works across updates (other than simply recompiling kernel modules)?

Another fact: I'm under Sercure Boot, but I'm willing to sign module with some howtos that I've found on the net: here here

Any suggestion and advice greatly appreciated. Bruno