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Fedora doesn't capture sound from USB microphone

As the title mentions, Fedora won't capture sound from my otherwise working USB Microphone (Blue Yeti). Some info:

  • The mic is detected properly and appears in the Settings > Sound menu.
  • I can also see the microphone properly detected in alsamixer and pavucontrol (and made sure nothing is muted there).
  • The mic appears correctly in lsusb output.
  • If I plug in my headset directly into the mic, I can hear the sound capture properly, leading me to assume that the microphone does pick up sound, but it's not being captured by Fedora.
  • I've tried multiple profiles in pavucontrol (Analog Stereo Duplex, Analog Stereo Input, ...) with the same result.
  • I tried the microphone on another computer and it works.

I don't know how to proceed troubleshooting this issue. Any help?