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Can't install Fedora 29 from live image to SSD

I'm trying to update the OS on my Dell Mini 10v, which for the last 10 years or so has had Fedora 14(?) running off the 16GB SSD it came with. I use it for writing, and Dropbox no longer works with an OS that old, apparently.

So. I bought a new 120GB SSD. Installed the live image (32 bit) on a USB stick, and swapped the old 16GB SSD for the new, blank 120GB one. Booted from the USB stick, but it doesn't recognise the new (and now internal) drive! That's odd, I thought. So I took the SSD out again, and installed the same Fedora 29 ISO on it from Windows (which recognises it fine).

I can boot (into the live installation) from the new SSD, but this won't let me install Fedora to the same physical disk, even though there's oodles of space on it. Which is a bit frustrating really, seeing as Fedora Media Writer resizes the thing anyway when writing the ISO.

However, if I boot from the USB stick, this doesn't recognise the SSD at all. The only disk that shows up is the USB stick itself, which I obviously can't install Fedora onto either.

If I swap the old 16GB SSD back into the machine and boot from the USB stick, that is recognised, and Fedora gives me the option to install the OS onto that. I don't want to do that yet as it's still got stuff on there I don't have elsewhere.

I can't find an ISO which just installs Fedora straight onto a disk without the "try me first" option. Is there one? That would be easiest, because I could presumably do that with Fedora Media Writer like I've done with the "live" ISO.

Either way, I seem to be stuck with a new SSD I can't install Fedora onto... any ideas?