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Fedora 29 - Extremely slow, freezing... impossible to use


I've installed Fedora 29 Plasma KDE recently but it's been difficult to use it because it freezes many times if I do things like... navigating in internet.

In fact, my computer was very quick with Windows, but I decided to migrate to Linux instead of using VirtualBox.

So... the install was okay, so now I have 3 different partitions. One with Windows, another with Linux, and I had another partition with docs, photos etc, that could be accessed by both OS.

Detail, I opted for encryption during Fedora's install.

So... after everything was installed and later updated, everything is very, but really very slow. When I turn on my computer and choose to log in in Fedora, it takes around 5 minutes or more to charge everything. With Windows, before installing Linux in the same machine, the complete boot took less than a minute, but now Windows also takes a little bit more time, like 1 minute or something. Which is okay, comparing to +5 minutes.

So, about using Fedora, what is bothering me is that if I try to navigate in internet with Firefox, for example, if I open some few tabs, the system freezes completely, I can't do anything else, I need to turn off the computer and I'm afraid of doing that abruptly. Or if I started exploring the system and installed software, soon after the system freezes, too.

I don't think the problem is with my laptop's configurations because while using only Windows, I was able to have 30 or more tabs open in Firefox without any problem of performance and I never had to worry about internal fans because even with photo editors opened, I never really noticed the existence of fans. I mean, for my use, my CPU never reached high temperatures or freeze.

But using Fedora it does since when I open it. So I don't know if that's something normal with this OS, or if it's because I installed two OS in the computer, or maybe the encryption thing.

I would like to have my dev environment ready to work, but it's not possible to work if the system freezes all the time.

Could you please tell me if that's something normal when using Fedora or help me to discover where is the problem, if maybe my laptop is too weak for it or if I miss something?

(my laptop: Intel Core i7-65000u, up to 3.1Ghz, 6 GB memory, HDD 500G-128G(SSD))