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Sharing files/folders/hd's between 2 Fedora PC's in LAN

I tried to setup Samba to share between my 2 PC's. They are both dual boot (W10Pro/Fedora29) and connected via a cable to my router.

What I did:

sudo dnf install samba samba-client

systemctl enable smb nmb

firewall-cmd --add-service=samba  --permanent
firewall-cmd --reload

sudo setsebool -P samba_enable_home_dirs on

sudo pdbedit -a $user

systemctl restart smb nmb

cp /etc/samba/smb.conf ~/Desktop/smb.conf.mrk

sudo nano  /etc/samba/smb.conf 

        comment = Description here
        path = /run/media/fedora/4tbHD/
        read only = yes
        guest only = no
        guest ok = yes

sudo setsebool -P samba_export_all_ro 1

systemctl restart smb nmb

Now I can connect from 'Fedora > Windows'. But I Can NOT connect from 'Fedora < > Fedora' and from 'Fedora > Windows'.

I just don't get it. When I use my filebrowser (Thunar/SFCE) and go to Browse Network I see both off my Fedora PC's. But when I click them I get a popup with: FAILD TO OPEN FEDORA2. The specified location is not supported.

Anybody any idea where I'm going wrong?