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Fedora 29 on Virtualbox undergoes "factory-like" reset after restart

Fedora 29 has been installed on Virtual box with 20G and 4 cores. Every time I logout/log into Fedora the computer undergoes a "factory-like" reset. In other words all files and created usernames are deleted and I basically get a brand new desktop environment.

Trying to log into the terminal keeps asking for username and password even though I never specified a password. If I do create a new username with a password, this also doesn't work for logging into the terminal as it just keeps asking for a username and password and as I've said the username disappears after logout.

Is this an installation issue? Is this an issue with Virtualbox? Am I missing some simple step in the installation or with how Fedora operates? Has anyone experienced a similar problem? I also have Ubuntu installed on VB and it works perfectly fine but I need Fedora since the latest version of the program I need to use (OpenBabel) is build for Fedora. And I specifically need to use the command line version of the program (of which the Windows version doesn't work on Windows 10 for some or other reason).

What I essentially need is a stable Fedora with console (similar to what I already have with Ubuntu) on my Windows computer (without installing alongside Windows).

Fedora workstation was donwloaded from here: Is there reason to believe the server or silverblue versions might work better?

Hope you can help! Best regards