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Fedora 29 SSD's temp. is significantly higher than Windows 10

ThinkPad 25, dual boot setup on separate ssds. (windows 10 on 1st Toshiba XG5 512gb, fedora 29 on 2nd Transcend 256gb). I installed Fedora 29 successfully on the 2nd ssd, and everything seems working perfectly out of the box. However, I noticed that after the system running for a while (>15 min.), the Toshiba ssd part felt very warm (it's under the right palmrest). From hddtemp I can tell that the Transcend ssd, where the Fedora is installed, actually works fine (temp<30' C). The CPU is not under load, and the system is basically idle. The unmounted Toshiba ssd's temp can't be read by hddtemp, so I switch back to windows and HWMonitor shows it's temp around 47 'C. Under windows, the temp of ssd actually falls gradually to 34' C. I did my research online and couldn't find any solution for this. Any suggestions ? I really want to keep using Linux on my laptop, please help me to understand the problem here or point a direction for me. Thanks.