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Attempting to Dualboot, But Unable to Boot to USB?

I've been trying to dualboot my Fedora and Windows 10 for a while, since I don't want to sacrifice my ability to play games such as Rainbow Six Siege and Dirty Bomb just yet. However, when I plug my Windows 10 bootable USB into the computer, no matter what slot, I cannot seem to boot to it. Whenever I open my BIOS (motherboard is an MSI Z370-A Pro), it redirects the USB to the Fedora grub instead of to the bootable copy of Windows 10 I chose.

I recently upgraded my computer in the efforts of figuring this out, changing the CPU and motherboard, but despite this the issue persists. The only real solution I've been able to get for this is to run Scrub and just wipe Fedora or Ubuntu completely from my SSDs - defeating the purpose of dualbooting altogether.