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Fedora Core 6 Help?

I got this old Dell computer and it has the Fedora Core 6 system OS installed on it. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about Fadora. I’ve scoured the web, but cannot find anything to answer my questions.

Here’s what I do know: • I’m running Fadora Core 6 • I didn’t have to configure any settings when I boot it up • It’s already configured to someone else’s account, but I don’t know who or how to reset it • At the bottom right, it has a web address that doesn’t go anywhere, along with the incorrect date and time. • I cannot log into my (newly made) account from this screen.

Here’s what I’m looking for: • How to log into an account (Whether it be through my own or the one already on here, I don’t care, but I want to be able to check this out)

It would be wonderful if I could log into the account already on here, but as far as I know, I cannot do that without their information. Also, I’ve gathered that I may have to completely reset the computer OS in order to log into my own account because I don’t know the “root password” either. (I also don’t have a “live CD” or any external resource.)

If anyone can help me with this, with specific instructions (as I’ve never used Fedora before, let alone a version this old), it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!