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Custom Partitioning

I currently have an old PC that came with a 500Gb HDD plus a 1Tb HDD running Microsoft Vista on some slow-ish dual core CPU and 2Gb of DDR2 RAM. I think I've already thrown as much RAM into the box as the MoBo will see (there's 8Gb in the 4 slots but the Dell motherboard only reports 6Gb ), Ive also dropped in an older Nvidea graphics card and I'm sure the drivers for that will become their own seperate question. So I have a 100Gb SSD to add to the machine and, wait for it ........ an E3600 core 2 duo CPU !!

In about 24 hours all the spare parts will be assembled and I'll be ready for an install so here's my question. I want to end up with the "/" partition ( all the system and programmes) on the faster SSD and spread "home/saywot" over the other 2 drives. How might this be done ?

I know a 10yr old dell will never be a super-fast piece of kit, but max RAM, fastest CPU that will install and running (mostly) from a SSD should be tolerable